Welcome to the Jones Day ITC Section 337 Blog resources page.  Here you will find information on recent Section 337 investigations and complaints, ITC rules, contact information, the latest ground rules for administrative law judges, and statistics.



Below is sample timeline of a Section 337 proceeding with a 16-month target date.  Dates will vary depending on the particular investigation, and the presiding administrative law judge can set the target date longer or shorter than 16 months.


source: https://www.usitc.gov/secretary/fed_reg_notices/rules/itcrules0513.pdf

Administrative Law Judges

NamePoint of ContactPhoneRecent Ground Rules
Charles BullockAngelia Jones202.205.2694ALJ Bullock GRs
Theodore EssexCarlita Cochran202.205.2692ALJ Essex GRs
Thomas PenderDenise Wills202.205.2681ALJ Pender GRs
David ShawAnn Smith202.708.4051ALJ Shaw GRs
Dee LordSarah Kim202.205.3352ALJ Lord GRs
MaryJoan McNamaraPatricia Donelson202.205.1801ALJ McNamara GRs