Blaney Harper’s practice focuses on representing electronics, software, and information technology companies in strategic patent litigation, including patent portfolio evaluation and enforcement, in United States District Courts, the International Trade Commission (ITC), and before the USPTO.,
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Dave Maiorana is a trial lawyer with nearly 20 years of experience in complex intellectual property matters around the country and in the International Trade Commission. He has represented clients as both plaintiffs and defendants in diverse technology areas, including teeth whitening, diapers, fem care products, flash memory, RFID, and dental drills.,
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Of Counsel

Garfield Simms’ litigation practice focuses on complex technologies involving digital imaging, digital cameras, electronic sensors, electronic commerce, data caching, bar code readers, and power management systems in electronic devices. In addition, he has prosecuted trademark and patent applications and counseled clients regarding intellectual property rights for semiconductor devices and processes, internet security systems, medical diagnostic equipment, electromechanical and mechanical devices, biometric identification systems, and electronic circuits.,
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